Please do not bring anyone with you to the office unless they are a care-giver. 

Request an appointment here. *Please note that appointments are not confirmed until we contact you.*

You can submit your information online or print the form and hand it to us at your appointment.

What to expect when visiting our office at this time:


Mask must be worn. Do not bring guests with you.


    Before/During Your Exam

  • A mask must be worn at all times.

  • Do not bring anyone with you unless they are a care-giver. Children coming for an exam may have one guardian.

  • If you are a new patient, please fill out and submit the New Patient Information Form before coming in.

  • In order to avoid very close proximity, we suggest having a photo taken of the back of your eye in lieu of dilation. We are currently offering this photo at a discounted price.


    Frame Selections


  • Requires an appointment unless selecting a frame during your exam

  • Time limited to 30 minutes and only one person is to browse frames at a time

  • All frames will be sanitized after being touched



We encourage orders to continue being picked up via curbside, or to have contacts mailed directly to you.



  • ​Free contact lens shipping to your house for most brands 

  • $50-$200 rebate on most contact lens year supply order

  • Discount on second pair purchase of glasses